“Turn-key” perlite

Perlite production equipment

SITIX offers “turn-key” industrial complexes for perlite production:

Production plants

Foamed perlite production units

Foamed perlite production process

  1. Raw perlite is supplied in big-bags and is blown into the tank for raw perlite storage via filling line.
  2. Through the weigh hopper, perlite sand gets into the distributor, from which it is delivered to the . expansion burner.
  3. In the burner, the crushed perlite is shortly affected by temperatures over 1000°С and becomes plastic; the water contained in the perlite evaporates. Thermal process makes the material expand by 15-20 times as compared to the initial volume; bulk density reaches 50-120 kg/m³.
  4. The airflow carries the foamed perlite from the burner to the cyclone. where perlite is separated from the airflow and passes through the cooler, where its temperature reduces approximately to 100°C. Then, perlite is released through a rotary valve.
  5. The foamed perlite is transported either pneumatically or mechanically (with belt system, screw conveyor or elevator).


up to 20 m3/hour (140-2500 kg/hour)

Types of fuel:

natural gas, mazut and liquefied gas.

Automated finished product

quality control.

Fully automated process control

based on Siemens S7.

Burner power range

650 kW to 2,500 kW.

Specific power consumption: 6,5 Nm3 of gas/4,1 of electric power per 1 m3 of foamed perlite.

Frequently asked questions

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    Is there any warranty for perlite production equipment? What is the warranty period?

    We provide a 2-year warranty for all component parts of the system and standard accessories from the date of delivery. The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear and damages caused by improper operation of the system.
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    What are the terms of payment for perlite plant?

    Payment for perlite plant is generally divided into 3 parts:
    • 50 % of the equipment cost – after supply contract signing;
    • 40 % of the equipment cost – after a notice of readiness for shipping and acceptance of the equipment at the manufacturing plant;
    • 10 % of the equipment cost – after commissioning, but not later than 60 days from the date of notice of readiness for shipping.
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    How long does it take to produce and deliver the perlite plant?

    The expected time for designing, production and delivery of perlite plant, depending on its configuration and other parameters, is 5-9 months from the order confirmation.
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    What is the difference between SITIX perlite equipment and offers of other companies?

    Our offer is based on successful solutions that proved to be highly efficient through the years of operation. Our specialists analyze the experience of different productions and state-of-the-art technologies, which helps to improve our equipment continuously.

    The main advantages of our equipment are structural reliability and long service life. We use only high-quality components from top German manufacturers, such as TSO (piston valves / feeders), Endress+Hauser/UWT (filling level gages), MTS (dosing equipment), Reitz (air blowers), EBRO (sliding valves), Elster/Honeywell (gas equipment and burners), etc.
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    Do you provide staff training in working with perlite equipment?

    We provide initial staff training and further on we provide consulting technical support, if necessary.
  • Each project is developed individually

    According to the client’s needs

  • We provide full-cycle services:

Quality and reliability

German quality and reliability


High capacity

Power saving

Gas and electric power saving up to 70%

Delivery and mounting

Delivery and mounting within 1-6 months

Technical support

Full technical support