Palletizing equipment

Automatic pallet stacker robot packing systems

SITIX offers a wide range of high-speed KUKA pallet stacker robots, as well as “turn-key” automatic packing and palletizing systems.

Our pallet stacker robots can perform the most complicated palletizing and de-palletizing operations quickly and successfully with high cost efficiency.

Load capacity

from 40 to 1,300 kg

Working radius

up to 3.6 meters


up to 4,500 bags/hour

High reliability and accuracy

Advantages of KUKA robots for automatic palletizing

Significant time saving for palletizing due to high speed and short working cycle. Our robots are among the best on the market in terms of power and speed.
Working space saving. Our robots show outstanding efficiency even working in small spaces. This is due to their small size, low weight and clever design.
Easy-to-use and versatile. Our robots can be easily integrated into any existing systems. All interfaces and units are universal.
Possibility to choose a model for specific purpose. We offer robots with different load capacity, reach and equipment, as well as special versions, so that clients could choose a model that fits ideally their production.
Reliability and cost saving during operation. components of KUKA pallet stacker robots have a high-strength transmission. Due to reliable improved design, they have extremely long periods between maintenance and maximum energy efficiency.
Modern automatic packing and palletizing system with pallet stacker robot in operation

“Turn-key” robotized packing systems

We offer all components for robotized packing systems:

Pallet stacker robot
Universal grabber with different options
Empty pallet holder and automatic delivery of pallets
Conveyor belts for pallets and products
Automatic pallet packer
Safety systems (fences, light barriers, warning lights and detectors)

Frequently asked questions

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    We do not know which palletizing system to choose for our production. Can you advise on it? How much will it cost?

    Certainly, we will help to choose palletizing system suitable for the purposes of your company. The choice is wide
    • container sorting conveyor system
    • robotized complex for stacking bags on the pallet
    • pallet stacker robot for layer-by-layer stacking of group packages with products
    • pallet lift, and many other equipment.
    All advices are free of charge. If necessary, our specialist will make a visit to the client’s place to take measurements and find optimal solution in the field.
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    Do you do programming and setting of pallet stacker robots or just sell them?

    Our specialists perform the full cycle of implementation of automated packing and palletizing systems:
    • engineering
    • programming and setting of pallet stacker robots
    • programming and setting of palletizing lines and systems
    • palletizing equipment mounting and maintenance
    • installation of electric cabinets
    • the client’s staff training, and many other things.
    Each pallet stacker robot is programmed for specific purposes and attachable equipment at the client’s place. We also provide training for the client’s staff in equipment operation and, if necessary, distant information support and consultations.
  • Each project is developed individually

    According to the client’s needs

  • We provide full-cycle services:

Quality and reliability

German quality and reliability


High capacity

Power saving

Gas and electric power saving up to 70%

Delivery and mounting

Delivery and mounting within 1-6 months

Technical support

Full technical support